An Introduction to The Price Clinic

The price clinic as been established for 40 years and is based in the heart of Wickford in Essex.

We are specialists in the treatment of a variety of conditions and injuries, using manipulative therapies, osteopathic techniques, reflexology and acupuncture (available on request). We now also provide a foot health clinic which undertakes treatments on a number of foot problems.

Knowing which treatment is best can be confusing. Manipulative therapists are unique in a way that they assess patients from a mechanical, functional and postural position. We use an established system of diagnosis and hands-on treatment. 

The Price Clinic works on all kinds of sports injuries, the elderly, pregnant women, children etc. We have treated many professional sports people, ie footballers, gymnasts and boxers. Any physical pain... we can help.

Probably the best clinic for back pain.

Rest assured you will receive the best treatment & care for your specific problem.

We also have cupping professionals available on request.


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